Sunday, June 19, 2011

June is Awesome!

I watch a lot of How I Met Your Mother so if you read the title of this post just as Barney Stinson would, well, then you get the gist of how great June has been.

June is officially my favorite month. It's the month where my summer vacation starts. It's the month I got my puppy, Piccolo, who has been just an adorable, small, bundle of fur and fun. I laugh constantly. He sleeps funny, often on his back with paws twitching when he dreams and he loves to chase his tail. He caught on to words like sit and "high five" right away. I'm impressed every day how much a little pup can make your life fuller.

June is also the month my miracle little niece entered the world. I look at pictures of her constantly. Maddie is so precious, small and has eyes that just soak up everything around her. Holding her was such a pleasure. (I can't wait til I have a little baby someday! Don't worry Maddie, you'll have cousins at some point!) Her Mom & Dad are doing great. I'm so thrilled for them, too!

June was also the month of celebration for weddings. My friends Mandy & Matt got married at the end of May (almost June) and it was such a celebration. Coworkers David and Allison got married yesterday and it was wonderful to witness their relationship from "officially dating" to "we're engaged!" to the actual ceremony. It was also nice to see all my coworkers over the holiday, especially all gussied up!

We're only half way through the month so I am sure there is more in store. Although, I don't know how many more blessings a person can receive in a 30-day span! It has been a great reminder that although there are big things that I wish I had, there are so many other things that I already do have that make life simply perfect.

I am living the dream.